Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Refill...

Pure offers a concentrated formula with the natural sanitizing action of peppermint essential oil for a clean and disinfected bowl. All this without harmful chemicals and with a perfect natural smell of peppermint.

Glass Cleaner Tabs

Most cleaning products contain about 95% water. So, by deduction, you can assume that only 5% of it is actually cleaning product. Unbelievable! This means that the main thing you are paying for is water and plastic. Revolutionize the old cleaning product industry with filo dissolving cleaning tablets. 100% natural and vegan, these cleaning tablets will allow you to easily make your cleaning products by simply adding water! Ecological and safe for the whole family, filo is the zero-waste cleaning solution. Available in 4 different fragrances: black spruce, lemon & mint, grapefruit & mango and unscented.Each capsule allow you to make 500 mL of cleansing product.
Green Cricket

Glass Cleaner (Refillable C...

Green Cricket Glass Cleaner cleans without using harsh chemicals. This Glass Cleaner is Non-toxic, without artificial fragrances and is biodegradable. Safe for you and the environment.  Ingredients: Aqua, Alkyl polyglucoside (a sugar-based surfactant used to remove dirt and soils), Corn-based ethanol (a plant-based alcohol often used as a solvent).
OKO Creations

Reusable TP

Who says going zero-waste has to be boring? Initially launched as an April Fool’s joke in 2021, “I Don’t Give a Crap!” reusable toilet paper is now available from Öko! Given our love of potty humour and all the positive feedback we got after our prank, we realized we had to bring our joke to your john … for real!   Our team pushed hard to plop out the best prints for the collection. You’ll find the classic skid marks; crowd favourite, the morning after the chili-eating-contest; the majestic toilet bowl and more! Give your rear the gift of soft, thick, organic cotton flannel and flush that thin and irritating paper for good. Our “I Don’t Give a Crap!” reusable TP is manufactured and screen-printed right here in the bowels of our Boisbriand workshop. You can use it with or without a bidet!
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