Reimagine Co’s vision is a world where humans live in peace and harmony with each other and with nature.

Our mission is to help people to live more sustainable and connected lives, through workshops, demonstrations, experiments and shared learning. Some of this is on hold right now with the Covid pandemic, while other parts are evolving.

Our online zero waste shop sells products that help you reduce single-use plastic, including reusable straws, utensils, produce bags, containers, beeswax wraps, menstrual products and diapers. We ship across Canada, with free shipping for orders over $100 and free delivery within London for orders over $25.

Our zero waste retail store and workshop space in the heart of downtown London, Ontario also includes a refillery, where you can bring in your own containers and refill soap, shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergent and over 75 kitchen and bathroom products.

Our store is closed right now due to the Covid pandemic, and we now offer a free delivery service for London, Ontario, as well as curbside pickup. All of the cleaning and bathroom essentials from the refillery are available for delivery, as well as all the other zero waste products that we ship across Canada.

Reimagine Co is active in the London community, with a number of programs and activities, including:

  • Zero Waste workshops - Reimagine’s core activity is hosting and facilitating workshops on the subject of zero waste and other environmental themes. As well as public events, all of which are free to attend, Reimagine Co also offers tailored workshops for schools, college and university students, and local businesses and not-for-profits.
  • Education & Outreach - Reimagine Co raises awareness of environmental issues and stimulates conversation through an active social media presence and attendance at community festivals and events.
  • Repair Café - Inspired by thousands of examples around the world, this monthly event keeps household items out of the landfill, thanks to the efforts of volunteer fixers, and fosters a culture of reusing and repairing
  • Plastic Free London - This campaign seeks to accredit and celebrate London businesses who have cut out single-use plastics, and to encourage businesses to do the same.
  • Greening Festivals and events - Reimagine Co consults with organizations and event planners to encourage and support them to compost and to reduce waste, and coordinates volunteers to help sort waste at festivals (including VegFest, Go Wild Grow Wild and Sunfest)
  • Volunteerism - Reimagine Co is constantly building capacity by growing its team of volunteers, who support workshops, sort waste at festivals, organize cleanups and picnics, and assist with administrative, organizational and promotional tasks.