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Choose from 3 different sizes: Liners - pack of 2: 18cm/7" Maxi - 1 pad: 25cm/10" Super - 1 pad: 33cm/12" Every year, the world throws away over 200,000 tonnes of single-use menstrual products. Isn’t that frightening? According to one study, “disposable” sanitary pads take around 500–800 years to decompose. They eventually end up in ponds, rivers and lakes, contaminating the water and the creatures that live in it, or they clog drains and defoul our soil.It is high time to replace single-use sanitary pads with reusable liners, pads and cups, which provide a chance to minimize waste, benefiting the environment while also saving money.Aisle’s panty liner is a daily liner that has an ultra-thin, leak-locking layer and a fast-drying cotton top. It's a smart, comfortable, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable liners. Each Aisle pad replaces at least 150 disposables! How they Work: Snap the wings around your underwear. When you're done, just rinse, wash and repeat. Aisle pads are machince wash and dry safe. Fabric: Leakproof base, absorbent microfiber core, wicking cotton top 93% cotton 7% spandex top, 100% polyester core, polyurethane-laminated 95% cotton 5% spandex backing, POM snap Care Instructions: Rinse in cool water, then wash and dry with your regular laundry.As with any garment, wash with like colours.
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Aisle Menstrual Cup

Up to 12 hours of leak-free wear. Just empty, wash and re-insert. Free from BPA, latex, dyes and phthalates and manufactured in Canada. Most folks can wear either size, but you might prefer size A if you’re new to cups, or if you have trouble inserting tampons. Choose size B if you’ve given birth or have a weak pelvic floor.
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Aisle period Undies

Aisle’s specially engineered lining combines super-absorbent Truetex™ technology with a leak-proof lining that absorb 4 tampons worth of fluid. Use the removable booster for an additional 4 tampons of absorbency. Machine wash and dry safe.  
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Diva Cup

The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits low in the vaginal canal, collecting rather than absorbing your menstrual flow. The DivaCup empowers women to connect with their bodies and menstrual cycles like never before. Perfect for all activities (air, land or sea), its easy care and use make for a better period experience. Wear The DivaCup for up to 12 hours without leaks or worry. 12-hour leak-free protection! Made from the highest quality healthcare grade silicone to assure comfort and durability. Does not contain any of the following: latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer, polyethylene, and free of colours and dyes. Reusable and eco-friendly – no waste, no chemicals. Features extra grip ridges for easier removal. Cleared for marketing by the US FDA, Australian TGA, COFEPRIS and the first reusable menstrual cup approved for sale in Canada by Health Canada. Diva International Inc. was the first ISO 13485:2003 certified menstrual cup manufacturer and head office. First menstrual cup to receive MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program) certification. Model 1: Medium flow and between 19 and 30? Model 1 is the ideal choice. Holds up to 1.0 fl oz (30ml) of menstrual fluid. Model 2: Over 30 and/or have a heavier flow? Model 2 is the best option for you. Holds up to 1.1 fl oz (32ml) of menstrual fluid. Please note: if you find tampons and routine pelvic/vaginal exams to be uncomfortable, it may be best to first consult with your health care provider as the Model 1 cup may be right for you. Our model sizes are recommended, but since women come in all shapes and sizes, it is difficult to determine the vaginal size.
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Liberty Menstrual Cup

Perfect to light to medium flow, the liberty menstrual cup is made from medical grade platinum silicone.   Size 2
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Liquid Stain Remover (Refil...

This citrus based formula cuts through stains easily and works alongside your laundry detergent during the wash cycle.  TO USE: Simply spray the stain directly, add a little water then throw into the wash.  Let it soak for a few minutes for tough stains.  Works well on ink, red wine, grass, and lipstick stains.  Also works well with cloth diapers.  Safe for most fabrics. Do not use on wool or silk. 
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Nixit Menstrual Cup

Nixit menstrual cups are simple. The disc style cup is amde from ultra soft silicone with a unique one size fits all shape. No confusing sizes, no awkward folds. A simple period cup design that confirms to you. Ingredients: 100% medical grade silicone
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Oko Cloth Pads (Long)

Made with three layers of absorbent hemp fibre and a breathable waterproof layer, these pads are longer than our regular pads and have two pairs of wings that attach with thin snaps around your underwear. The wings hold the pad in place and make it extremely well suited for nighttime as well as daytime heavy flow or for light bladder leakages. The fabric that comes into contact with the skin is of natural fibre, undyed and unbleached. The risks of irritation, allergy an infection are therefore reduced. The colourful patterns on the back of our pads add a touch of beauty! Format: 2 pack Colour: natural, undyed, colour and backing pattern will vary. Will not lose shape when laundered. Material: 36% hemp, 34% organic cotton, 30% organic cotton laminated with polyurethane (waterproof, breathable layer). Label: 100% certified organic cotton Packaging: FSC certified paper Made in Quebec, Canada \*\*Please note that due to the personal nature of this product all sales will be final and therefore not subject to refunds or exchanges\*\*"
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Oko Period Products - singl...

  The top layer of fabric (in contact with the skin) is made of a specially woven organic cotton that absorbs liquid quickly. Pads are available undyed (perfect for sensitive skin) or dyed (perfect for hiding stains). The absorbent core is made with naturally antibacterial hemp fleece.Similar to conventional pads, a set of wings holds the pad in place. Instead of an adhesive, Öko’s wings secure with super thin snaps. The pads are shaped to help prevent them from slipping backwards.  
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Oko Thong Liners

This model of Öko Creations reusable panty liner has been specially designed—wide at the front and narrow at the back—to fit with thong-style underwear. It offers light protection during your period or any other day in between. Made of two layers of absorbent hemp and thick organic cotton, it is thin and efficient. Like disposable pads, Öko Creations pads have wings to hold the pad in place with a snap attached under the underwear. In the case of the mini for thongs, there are two sets of snaps on the same wing, making them adjustable. The colourful patterns on the back of our pads add a touch of beauty! Format: 2-pack Colour: natural front and back, coloured wings Material: 69% organic cotton, 31% hemp. Label: 100% certified organic cotton Packaging: FSC paper Made in: Quebec, Canada \*\*Please note that due to the personal nature of this product all sales will be final and therefore not subject to refund\*\*"
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Period Pack

This period pack is loaded with two organic cotton-hemp reusable liners, two organic cotton-hemp reusable pads and two organic cotton-hemp reusable overnights.
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