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Why Zero Waste?

Zero waste is not about producing zero waste. It’s about living consciously as stewards of the Earth and making decisions every day to live with the planet in mind.

We choose to refuse or reduce single-use items and instead opt for products that are ethically sourced, responsibly made, naturally derived, and built to last.

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Knock Knock Reimagine Does Delivery

Knock Knock Reimagine Does Delivery

Making zero waste easy - bringing Reimagine Co to your doorstep!

To ensure you get your essentials during this time, we will be offering free delivery within London, Ontario of orders $25 or more. This includes hand soap, cleaning products, and all other refillery items. Read on for more details!
March 17, 2020 — Reimagine Co
COVID-19 Update from Reimagine Co

COVID-19 Update from Reimagine Co

For the health and safety of our community members, our customers, and our staff, we will be postponing or cancelling our upcoming events.

In our shops, we will also be stepping up our cleaning procedures to ensure extra precaution for the safety of both our community members and our staff.

Please stay tuned for updates on events in April and our store hours, as we will make changes based on the health unit’s recommendations.

March 15, 2020 — Reimagine Co
Reimagine 2020 : Our next steps

Reimagine 2020 : Our next steps

It’s a new year and we are really excited about the possibility of moving into our own permanent location to grow into the force for good we imagine Reimagine Co can and will be. As with many worthy projects, the move has not been without hurdles and in fact we are still not certain we can secure the location we had dreamed of and told you about last month. While we are very hopeful and getting much closer to securing a deal, we aren’t there.....yet.
January 16, 2020 — Kara Rijnen

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Usually open 7 days a week. Currently closed indefinitely due to the Covid pandemic. All our products are available for delivery! Shop online or call 519-520-3392

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