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To ensure you get your cleaning and personal care essentials during this time, we are offering both contactless curbside pickup and free delivery within London, Ontario of orders $25 or more. We deliver to different parts of the City on different days, depending on your Postal Code.

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Repurposed Packaging

We fill liquids, creams and powders in repurposed, sanitized containers donated by other customers. We pack all orders in reused cardboard boxes and gift bags.

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Why Zero Waste?

Zero waste is not about producing zero waste. It’s about living consciously as stewards of the Earth and making decisions every day to live with the planet in mind.

We choose to refuse or reduce single-use items and instead opt for products that are ethically sourced, responsibly made, naturally derived, and built to last.

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Customer of the Week - Katie Schonberger

Customer of the Week - Katie Schonberger

Taking it back to the beginning of Katie’s journey, in 2017, her sister decided to stop using plastic straws and instead invest in some stainless steel straws. This small act encouraged Katie to start actively thinking about the choices she makes as a consumer, and subsequently make changes to her lifestyle.
August 04, 2020 — Reimagine Co
How Has COVID-19 Affected Our Earth?

How Has COVID-19 Affected Our Earth?

With the shutdown of mass factories in some countries, limited air travel, and less cars on the road during COVID-19, we’re starting to see the fall of pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon emissions worldwide. But what happens when “life as normal” resumes?
July 27, 2020 — Reimagine Co
Customer of the Week - Dawn Redskye

Customer of the Week - Dawn Redskye

This marks week two of our customer of the week features!

Dawn Redskye is the second customer we’d like to highlight – a local artist & musician. Being Anishinaabe, she has learned a lot about land protection and how living in a high-waste society is detrimental to the natural resources that sustain us. Because of this, Dawn has taken on an eco-conscious lifestyle and hopes to teach her daughter, Quinn, the best practices.

July 22, 2020 — Reimagine Co