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Why Zero Waste


Zero waste is not about producing zero waste. It’s about living consciously as stewards of the Earth and making decisions every day to live with the planet in mind. We strive to eliminate and/or reduce single-use items and instead opt for items that are ethically sourced, responsibly made, naturally derived, and built to last. We believe in a better Earth. Come and share, teach, and learn with us as we support one another on our journey to living more sustainably.

There are a number of benefits to zero waste living. It reduces our carbon footprint by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions involved in creating new single-use products and consumer goods. It reduces our garbage output, which minimizes the strain on landfill capacity and prevents the release of harmful greenhouse gases, like methane. It reduces pollution, especially plastic, that contaminates terrestrial and marine environments and harms wildlife and it reduces the demand for intensive resource extraction which conserves natural resources and protects ecosystems.


Living zero waste weakens our connection to “stuff” and material goods that are forced upon us in a consumer-drive, capitalist society, making room for what matters in our lives. It also encourages a circular economy where things are built to last, shared, and repurposed and transitions our communities to those based on connecting and sharing resources, tools, and knowledge.


Living zero waste creates green jobs in the local economy, saves you money by buying less cheap “throw-away” items and investing in durable, pieces built to last (and most often, these alternatives are free or cost less than than the single-use option!)

It also saves you money by encouraging you to use what you have and take better care of things you own so they last longer


Ethical,  and cruelty free products are our speciality. All of our products are ethically sourced and cruelty free and we have also categorized every product on our shelves so you can shop all of our sustainably sourced products for your home, DIY projects, and for your on the go needs.