Reimagine Co recently opened London’s first package-free grocery store, right in the heart of our beautiful city. 

At our brand new location, we have a wonderful variety of products for you and you can buy as little or as much as you'd like! Additionally, all of our products are plant-based and some meet additional dietary needs such as gluten-free. Many of these products are package-free, so we encourage you to bring your own containers to take home your delicious selections. Learn more about how to shop with us:

While we tried our best to have everything for our opening, some products will be arriving in the next few weeks. We also have some products (especially produce) that are seasonal and will be subject to change week over week and may not be available when you make a trip to our store. Keep checking back here or on our Facebook or Instagram for general product updates. 

Baking Ingredients 
& Flours

Baking powder

Baking soda - Organic GMO Free

Brown sugar

Cacao nibs - Organic

Chocolate chips - Organic

Cocoa powder - Organic

Coconut sugar - Organic
Coconut milk powder

Corn starch - Organic

Hemp protein powder
Icing sugar

Light raw cane sugar - Organic

Maple syrup

Molasses (Black strap) - Organic

Nutritional yeast

All purpose flour - Organic

Almond flour

Brown rice flour

Chickpea Flour

Coconut flour (gluten free) - Organic

Rye flour - Organic
Psyllium Husks

Unbleached soft white flour - Organic
Real vanilla extract

Whole wheat soft flour - Organic

Beans & Soup Mixes

Chick peas - Organic

Lentils - (French) brown - Organic

Lentils - Black - Organic

Lentils - Green - Organic

Lentils - Red - Organic

Lima beans - Organic

Mung beans - Organic

Navy beans - Organic

Pinto beans - Organic

Red kidney beans - Organic

Split yellow peas - Organic

Vegetable soup base (Gluten free)


Kombucha (Two weekly Booch flavours)

Orange Juice

Apple Juice

Coming Soon:
Almond milk - Unsweetened

Almond milk - Sweetened vanilla

Almond milk - Chocolate

Breads & Baked Goods

Focaccia Bread (From HS Artisan)*

Pretzel baguettes - Vegan

Pretzel buns - Vegan

Sourdough bread - Organic*

White sandwich bread (From HS Artisan)*

Banana chocolate muffins
Mixed berry muffin

Chocolate chip cookies

Donuts - Vegan (From Rhino Lounge)*

Fritters - Vegan (From The Fritter Shop)*

Peach berry crumble bar*

*available weekends only

Cereals & Grains

Cocoa Berry Granola

Coconut Mango Cereal
Corn flakes

Couscous- Organic

Muesli - Very berry - Organic

Muesli - Wheat free - Organic

Oats - Quick cooking - Organic

Oats - Rolled - Organic

Pumpkin Flax Granola - Organic

Pure Maple Crunch Granola

Quinoa - White - Organic
Shreddies cereal

Coffee & Tea

Patrick's Dark and Brooding coffee beans

Patrick's Decaf coffee beans

Patrick's Velvet Hammer coffee beans

Chamomile flower herbal bulk tea

Earl grey whole bulk tea

English breakfast whole bulk tea

Green Sencha Fuji whole bulk tea

Jasmine green whole

Dairy Alternatives

Applewood Cheddah

Billy Goat cheese

Blue Cheese

Cranberry Stilton

Daiya Cheddar shredded

Daiya Mozzarella shredded
Nafsika’s Garden cheddar

Marble Cheddar

No Buffalo Mozza

Nuts for butter

Pepper Jack

Sharp Cheddah

Tofutti non-dairy Sour Supreme

Fresh Produce

Produce changes weekly
Apples - Organic

Avocado - Organic

Bananas - Organic

Beets - Organic

Broccoli - Organic


Carrot - Organic

Celery - Organic

Cucumber - Organic

Garlic - Organic

Ginger - Organic


Green beans - Organic
Green Jalepeno Peppers

Kale - Organic

Lemons - Organic

Lettuce - Organic

Lime - Organic

Mushrooms - White
Mushrooms - Shiitake

Onions - Organic

Oranges - Organic

Peppers - Sweet - Organic

Potatoes - Russet - Organic

Spinach - Organic

Squash - Organic

Tomatoes - Hot House - Organic

Watermelons - Organic

Frozen Foods

"Crab" Cakes

Banana - Frozen

BBQ Ribs

Beyond burger - Individual

Beyond meat sausages - Individual

Chick*n Schnitzel

Chick*n Souvlaki

Chicken parmesan

Corn - Frozen

Falafels - Gluten-free


General Tso Chick*n

Grilled Jerk Jackfruit

Ice - Bagged

Impossible Burgers

Impossible ground "beef"

No Kobe Steaks

Onion rings
Peaches - Frozen

Peas - Frozen
Coconut bliss vanilla ice cream
Coconut bliss chocolate ice cream
Dairy free chocolate ice cream

Dairy free vanilla ice cream

Righteous dark chocolate sorbet

Righteous mango pineapple sorbet

Righteous passion fruit lemonade sorbet

Righteous zesty lemon dairy free sorbet

Spinach - Frozen
Strawberries - Frozen

Szechuan "Beef"

Meat Alternatives

BBQ Ribs

Chick*n Souvlaki

Chicken parmesan

General Tso Chick*n

Grilled Jerk Jackfruit

No Kobe Steaks

Pulled "Pork"

Szechuan "Beef"


Nuts, Seeds, 
& Dried Fruits

Almonds - Organic

Chia seeds - White - Organic

Brazil nuts - Organic

Dried apricots - Organic

Dried banana - Organic

Dried coconut - Organic

Dried cranberries - Organic

Dried figs

Dried mango - Organic

Dry roasted pumpkin seeds

Fancy dried cherries - Organic

Goji berries - Organic

Hazelnuts - Organic

Hemp hearts - Organic

Macadamia nuts

Medjool dates - Organic

Peanuts - Organic

Pecan Halves - Organic
Pine nuts

Pistachios - Raw

Pitted prunes

Poppy seeds

Salted Toasted Corn

Sesame seeds - Organic

Shelled sunflower seeds - Organic

Thompson raisins - Organic

Walnuts - Organic

Whole cashews - Organic

Brown flax seeds - Organic

Yellow popcorn - Organic

Oils & Vinegars

Apple cider vinegar - Organic

Balsamic vinegar - Organic
White vinegar

Canola oil - Organic

Cold pressed sesame oil - Organic

Flax oil - Organic

Olive oil (Extra virgin) - Organic

Sunflower oil - Organic

Coconut oil (Virgin, unrefined) - Organic

Pasta & Rice

Ancient Black rice - Organic

Basmati - Brown - Organic

Basmati - White - Organic

Elbow noodles

Fusilli - Kamut - Organic

Fusilli - White wheat - Organic

Lentil penne

Long grain rice - Brown - Organic

Long grain rice - White - Organic
Wild rice

Macaroni - Organic

Oven ready lasagna


Plain orzo


Beet root chips (with olive oil)

California Mix

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Edamame Dry Roasted Unsalted

Fruit & nut mix - Organic
Gummy bears

Mini pretzels

Peppermint Candies

Trail Mix

Tropical Mix

Wine gums - Organic

Sea Salt Chips

Ketchup Chips

Malt vinegar Chips

Nacho Chips

Spreads & Sauces

Almond Butter - Creamy - Organic

Almond Butter - Natural

Cashew Butter - Natural

Peanut Butter - Natural

Peanut Butter - Organic

Sun cream (Sunflower spread)

Sunflower Butter - Creamy

Caesar Dressing

Chipotle Aioli

Garlic sauce

Garlic Tzatziki

Hummus (regular)

Hummus (weekly special)

Pumpkin seed pesto



Most spices are organic, exceptions are marked with an *
Allspice powder



Cayenne pepper 

Celery salt

Chili powder



Crushed chilis

Cumin powder



Dried chives

Fennel seeds

Garlic powder

Garlic salt


Himalayan pink salt

Italian seasoning

Mint (peppermint)

Mustard powder

Mustard seeds

Onion minced

Onion powder





Pickling spice





Whole black pepper

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