Reimagine 2020 : Our next steps

  • Jan 16, 2020
  • By Kara Rijnen

It’s a new year and we are really excited about the possibility of moving into our own permanent location to grow into the force for good we imagine Reimagine Co can and will be. As with many worthy projects, the move has not been without hurdles and in fact we are still not certain we can secure the location we had dreamed of and told you about last month. While we are very hopeful and getting much closer to securing a deal, we aren’t there.....yet.

Additionally, we want to thank everyone who filled out our online feedback form, who stopped by the shop and chatted to us about the move, who reached out via email or sent us a message on social media. We listened to your concerns about us being shut for so long and about your stress in not knowing where to get your fav refillery items.

In light of the reality that our new location deal has still not gone through, the fact that we don’t want to leave our loyal customers without a place to refill for so long, plus some other boring business planning changes (we’re sure you don’t want to know every last detail about these!), we have decided to extend our stay at the beautiful Novack’s building at 211 King Street in downtown London. We will be in this spot for the next few months while we continue to pursue our dream location. 

We hope you are excited about this news and if you have any feedback for us - good or bad - please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in 2020 around 211 King St! As a reminder - we are open 7 days a week! Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm, Saturday 10am - 5pm and Sunday 12pm - 5pm. 

The Reimagine Co team.