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Reimagine Co is taking a break until May 1st

Reimagine Co is taking a break until May 1st

Reimagine Co |

BIG NEWS! Reimagine is taking a break! We are closing our online store in the next 24-72 hours and will reopen on May 1st. If you need something urgently, we advise you to order right away, while we still have capacity. We will complete all deliveries next week for orders placed this week, before our entire team takes some time to rest, reflect and recharge.

We are beyond grateful for the fantastic response from our wonderful community following the closure of Reimagine’s downtown store exactly one month ago and our reinvention as a delivery service. We could not have imagined that we would get so many orders, so many gifts, so many delightful thank you notes, so many of you reordering, posting selfies on social media, and telling your friends and neighbours. 

However, the way that we are running our delivery service is not sustainable and needs to be revamped in light of what we’ve learned and experienced over the past month. At the same time, the stress of setting up the delivery service, operating it day to day and delivering all the packages, while trying to look after ourselves and our families at this difficult time, has depleted us, and we can’t continue this way. 

We are going to take some time to pause, take care of ourselves, and come up with a plan for coming back stronger than ever before when we return on May 1st. We have lots of ideas that we’ve been working on, and a huge announcement that we’re itching to share with you!

You will still be able to browse products on our website during our pause, although you won’t be able to buy them. We’ll be sure to post on social media and send out a newsletter letting you know when our online store is open again. Until then, we will mostly be taking a break from posting on social media and will be responding to emails and messages less frequently than usual. Thank you all for your support and understanding. You, our awesome community, are the reason we do this!