Go Wild in your back yard

Today was supposed to be Go Wild Grow Wild, a full day celebration of nature taking place at the Western Fair that’s in its fifth year. Featuring speakers, booths, workshops, wildlife demonstrations and nature-themed activities for all the family, the Reimagine team been looking forward to Go Wild Grow Wild and getting ready for it since the start of the year!

Nobody could have predicted that, as we were preparing to celebrate nature and the outdoors along thousands of people, we would find ourselves confined to our homes. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate nature!

Take some time to go outside today. Feel the sunshine on your skin, feel the breeze, feel the soil under your feet. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Take a moment to connect, take a moment to listen. Feel into your wildness. We have houses, we have technology, but we are nature.

Although it’s sad that today’s event had to be postponed, the organizing team of Go Wild just released an exciting update:
“Our team is excited to announce that we will be hosting My Wild Green Home 2020 virtually, to bring you the same great exposure, networking and content that we have built together over 5 years of Go Wild Grow Wild Green Expo.”

For more info, please see Go Wild Grow Wild's official announcement.

At Go Wild Grow Wild, a team of over 30 Reimagine Co volunteers were to manage the EcoStations, helping festivalgoers to sort their waste correctly and divert waste from landfill. Also, for the first time, our team was going to oversee dishwashing stations where people could borrow real plates and cutlery to get food from foodtrucks instead of using single-use plastic. We were looking forward to having a booth at the expo to showcase our zero waste products and refillery, and we were also scheduled to give three talks on different zero waste themes.

Below are details of the presentations that Reimagine’s co-founders Kara Rijnen and Heenal Rajani were due to share at Go Wild Grow Wild today. We’re looking forward to giving these talks at some point in the future instead!

10am - 10:20am - “50+ Tips for Living Zero Waste” - Heenal Rajani
In this fast-paced presentation, learn some common (and not so common!) ways to reduce waste in your everyday life: in the kitchen, bathroom, grocery store, workplace or anywhere in between!

1pm - 1:20pm - “Zero Waste Grocery Shopping” - Kara Rijnen
It’s not always easy to get your groceries without plastic. Kara will share her experiences navigating the various options in the city while cooking for a family of 6. Learn how to shop zero waste in London, including where to shop, what to bring and what to say!

3pm - 3:20pm - “Zero Waste Forest City: The future of Zero Waste in London” - Heenal Rajani
Learn about some of the exciting waste reduction initiatives taking place in London, including greening festivals, the Plastic Free London campaign, Zero Waste Fest (a full day zero waste festival on June 13) and the forthcoming zero waste grocery store and café opening this Fall

April 18, 2020 — Heenal Rajani