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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Reimagine Co |

Black Lives Matter.

Systemic racism is worldwide.

Wear your mask, keep 6 feet, and most importantly, show your support at the protest organized by Black Lives Matter London this Saturday June 6th, 3:00pm at London ON – Victoria Park!

Reimagine Co has been and always will be open about where we stand on political issues. Silence at a time like this only shows complacency and complicity with violence.

Previously we have asked our community to stand up against pipeline developments in Indigenous communities, advocated for free local transit, got loud about the provincial election, and now, we are asking our community to stand up and show up for our black friends, community members, neighbours, and family members.

The reality is there is a long history of racism and police brutality directly linked. If you are black, you are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police than a white person. So yes, it is certainly a police issue but it is beyond that too. As a society, we've just reshaped racism to look a little different - we see it in mass incarcerations, wage gaps, food security, environmental issues and in many other big and small aspects of our daily lives.
Environmentalism is an inter-sectional issue and movement - we can't advocate (and see change) for a better planet or community without involving everyone at every level. Environmental racism is very real. Corporations and governments buy (or steal) land belonging to or close to black and Indigenous communities with a complete lack of regard (or care) for how it will affect that community's water supply, food supply, and long-term health conditions.

No one is asking for special treatment. They are asking their governments, neighbours and a body that is meant to "protect you" to stop killing innocent people. They are being killed, shot at, tear-gassed, and arrested for wanting BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.

For further information regarding the Black Lives Matter Protest in London, click to learn more:

Learn More
Check out our Instagram and Facebook feeds for more BLM resources:

It is our job to rise against the systemic racism rooted into society, and we hope to see you at the peaceful protest this Saturday. If you can’t make it out on Saturday, we’ve provided other resources listed below where you can donate or further educate yourself on the #blacklivesmatter movement.

Thank you for being such an incredible community.

In these times we must stand together in solidarity.

The Reimagine Team

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