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🎯 Reimagine's 21 Goals for 2021

🎯 Reimagine's 21 Goals for 2021

Reimagine Co |

Reimagine's package-free grocery store has now been open for 3 months! Thank you for your support! 

Since opening, we've learned so much - we've added lots of new products, we've been making changes everyday in order to try to serve our customers and community better. 

Although we're proud of what we've achieved so far, we also have some big plans for the year ahead...

Here are the 21 things we hope to achieve this year: 

  1. We will work with more local food growers and producers
  2. We will grow and prepare some of our own food to sell in our store
  3. We will expand our curbside pickup service to include grocery products
  4. We will increase our grocery product selection (our goal is to add at least 20 products each month)
  5. We will launch the London Thing Library, where you can borrow DIY, garden and kitchen tools, as well as other household items
  6. We will start serving coffee
  7. We will join with other London food businesses to pilot a reusable takeout container program
  8. We will create a community mural to celebrate our crowdfunding donors
  9. We will start hosting events again - online, in-person or hybrid
  10. We will host a zero-waste community meal
  11. We will provide better signage in our store and an improved customer experience
  12. We will acquire more equipment for our store that was generously funded by our campaign donors, including a nut grinder, ice cream machine and popcorn machine.
  13. We will work with the London Environmental Network and other environmental organizations to make London one of the greenest and most resilient cities in Canada by 2030
  14. We will find more ways to serve and collaborate with local businesses
  15. We will advocate for a comprehensive citywide composting program
  16. We will bring in an outside agency to audit our own waste production and help us to reduce and reuse even more
  17. We will replace our old, inefficient HVAC system with the most environmentally-friendly option that we can afford
  18. We will develop a "Zero Waste 101" curriculum that we will share online
  19. We will work with partner organizations to deliver programming that teaches practical solutions for reducing food waste
  20. We will keep innovating and coming up with new ideas!
  21. We will host art, music and activations in our parking lot, once it's warm enough and safe enough to do so

Thanks for joining us on this journey! Let us know what else you'd like to see from us!