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Strike now to demand climate action

Strike now to demand climate action

Reimagine Co |

Reimagine Co is proud to be a part of the movement in London and nationwide that is demanding that global leaders take urgent action now to prevent climate and ecological collapse. Read on for more information about the upcoming climate strike in London.


Londoners will gather in front of City Hall at 3:00 pm on November 29 to reassert their support for urgent action on climate change. The mass call to action, led locally by youth and Indigenous groups, is part of a global movement that will see millions of young people taking to the streets to demand climate justice for all. Organizers are focused on working together and ensuring that Indigenous and youth voices remain at the forefront of demanding climate action.

“Indigenous issues are human issues,” says Yeyatalunyuhe George, Haudenosaunee and Ojibwe from Oneida of the Thames and organizer with Idle No More London. “We have been fighting for our rights for generations. Many of our people are on the front lines, defending the water and the land they live on, and truly risking their lives. And it’s not just for us. It’s for all the people that live on this planet. Everything is connected and government decisions ultimately affect us all.”

Idle No More London is working with Climate Strike London Ontario and other co-organizers to incorporate a round dance for everyone to be part of. “The round dance brings people together because no matter what our differences are, we can join hands and dance together in unity” says George. A series of round dances are planned across Canada on Friday.

Moving beyond merely reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the organizers of Climate Strike London Ontario say that fighting climate breakdown is also about fighting for a just and sustainable world that works for everyone. “The climate crisis is intersectional — an ecocide with ramifications on immigration, indigenous rights, racism, conflict, gender equality, and numerous other issues,” says Genevieve Langille, youth organizer. “It is vital to have diverse perspectives on the front lines, especially the voices of those who are most affected like Indigenous people and the world’s youth.”

London’s climate strikes, which began in solidarity with Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, are non-partisan, multi-generational, and aimed at leaders at every level of government, including municipal leaders. In the previous global climate strike on Sept. 27th, over 3,000 Londoners rallied and marched from City Hall. This week’s demonstration coincides with city staff’s submission of a report to London city council recommending specific actions to match council’s declaration of a climate change emergency in April 2019. The comprehensive report was presented to council on Tuesday Nov. 26.

3:00 Assemble in front of City Hall
3:20 Youth & Indigenous Speakers
3:45 March led by Indigenous groups – South on Wellington to Queens; Queens to Richmond; Richmond to Central; Central to Waterloo; Waterloo to Dufferin, returning to City Hall
4:45 Return to City Hall

Yeyatalunyuhe (Lela) George |
Genevieve Langille |
Cassandra Harris |
Heenal Rajani |

Idle No More
London’s Climate Strike