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New Everyday lower produce pricing

New Everyday lower produce pricing

Kara Rijnen |

In an effort to be more accessible, we have done a thorough review of our fresh produce prices. Great news - we are now offering most our our fresh produce offerings at lower everyday prices - some as low, or lower, than the non-organic options you would find at larger chain stores!

If you shopped with us when we first opened and haven't been back to our produce area again, we invite you to come in and take another look! Please browse through the produce cooler and produce tables and give us another try :) 

We want to offer only the freshest food possible, so if we are unable to start selling more fresh produce, we are going to stop stocking it all together. If we can't do it well, we don't want to do it at all. 

To kick start these new prices we are offering a 10% discount ON TOP of these reduced prices - this weekend only. ( Oct 9 and 10) 

We value your continued support and appreciate you giving us a second chance to support your fresh food needs. 

  ~ The Reimagine team

Please see below for a full list of our current produce offerings with their new prices. *list current as of Oct 8, 2021



Food Organic New Pricing unit
Lemon yes 0.6 each
Lime no 0.5 each
Apples yes 0.49 per 100g
Pears yes 0.45 per 100g
Grapefruit no 0.99 each
Grapes no 0.65 per 100g
Mushrooms yes 1.24 per 100g
Oranges no
Clementines yes 0.89 per 100g
Watermelon yes 6.99 each
Broccoli yes 3.99 each
Romaine yes 1.99 each
Cabbage yes 3.89 each
Green Onion yes 1.99 each
Asparagus yes 4.49 each
Cauliflower no 3.33 each
Green Beans yes 0.75 per 100g
Sweet Pepper yes 0.89 per 100g
Carrots yes 0.32 per 100g
Celery yes 2.75 each
Romas yes 0.49 per 100g
Baby Spinach yes 2.39 per 100g
Spring Mix yes 2.39 per 100g
Yams yes 0.49 per 100g
Potatoes yes 0.35 per 100g
Squash yes 3.5 each
Onion yes 0.39 per 100g
Garlic yes 1.99 per 100g
Ginger yes 1.49 per 100g
Banana yes 0.32 per 100g
Avocado yes 1.88 each
Corn yes 0.75 each
Cucumbers yes 1.49 each
Kale yes 1.99 each
Brussels sprouts yes 0.97 per 100g
Strawberries no 0.9 per 100g