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Customer of the Week - Katie Schonberger

Customer of the Week - Katie Schonberger

Reimagine Co |

Welcome back to our third customer of the week feature! This week we would like to highlight Katie Schonberger.

Katie has been such a big part of the Reimagine community and aligns so well with our views on both a social and environmental level. This strong belief system of Katie’s helps to drive her minimalist mind set.

Taking it back to the beginning of Katie’s journey, in 2017, her sister decided to stop using plastic straws and instead invest in some stainless steel straws. This small act encouraged Katie to start actively thinking about the choices she makes as a consumer, and subsequently make changes to her lifestyle.

A big passion for Katie is thrift shopping. Buying second-hand to avoid fast fashion is incredibly helpful to the environment and a way to become more socially-responsible. Katie’s closet is about 90% pre-loved – a great way to both save money and have fun searching for unique finds!

Katie, like the rest of us, has been facing some obstacles in her eco-conscious journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has been continuously adapting to try and create the least amount of waste as possible, while still being cautious by purchasing hand sanitizer in bulk with zero packaging, repurposing plastic bags, and making reusable fabric masks.

Her biggest piece of advice to those of you looking to start an eco-conscious journey is to start small; it only took a stainless steel straw for Katie’s complete lifestyle change to begin! Nothing needs to happen overnight, but instead a progression of small changes is the way to take on the task. Katie says “if you’re considering a zero-waste lifestyle, look to Reimagine as your resource and you’ll learn a lot!”

Thanks so much to Katie for sharing her eco-conscious journey with us and if you’d like to learn more thrifting and zero-waste tips, check her out on Instagram: @thefindingfern