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Customer of the Week - Dawn Redskye

Customer of the Week - Dawn Redskye

Reimagine Co |

This marks week two of our customer of the week features!

Dawn Redskye is the second customer we’d like to highlight – a local artist & musician. Being Anishinaabe, she has learned a lot about land protection and how living in a high-waste society is detrimental to the natural resources that sustain us. Because of this, Dawn has taken on an eco-conscious lifestyle and hopes to teach her daughter, Quinn, the best practices.

Aside from biking everywhere she goes and minimizing the amount of waste she creates, Dawn is very conscious about the food she consumes. Her priority is to shop local as much as possible because she believes food should not be monopolized and should be accessible to all. If we’re supporting local farmers and producers, our economy is benefitting, we’re saving on carbon emissions, and we’re staying healthy!

We asked Dawn what the biggest obstacle she has faced in her journey is and she responded with guilt. How she could do more or how she could do better was constantly inundating her thoughts, which caused a lot of pressure on her and the lifestyle she had chosen. She was able to overcome these thoughts by realizing that everyone simply needs to do the best they can. Her biggest piece of advice is to not dismiss an eco-conscious lifestyle in fear of feeling that guilt; the obstacles are worth the reward. Always reach out for help when necessary, whether that’s to a friend or to our amazing Reimagine Community.

We are so appreciative of and love the support we get from Dawn, so to show some love back check out her music at:

  • Facebook - @DRedskye or Dawn Redskye (artist)
  • Instagram - @NightmareNaive