The Reimagine Institute for Community Sustainability

The Reimagine Institute for Community Sustainability (RICS) is a federally incorporated not-for-profit. RICS is a member of both the London Environmental Network and the Urban League of London.

Reimagine’s vision is a world where humans live in peace and harmony with each other and with nature. Our mission is to help people to live more sustainable and connected lives.

The Goals and Objectives of RICS include:

  • Develop and provide programs promoting the protection and preservation of the environment through re-use, reduction, recycling and recovery of waste
  • Operate a Thing Library, Repair Cafés and related programs in order to preserve household items and to keep them from disposal in a landfill
  • Educate the public on the subjects of reducing waste, reusable and refillable alternatives to single-use products, supporting composting, and living more sustainably
  • Support local businesses, community and culture, through placemaking initiatives, advocacy, partnerships and platforms

Past and Current Projects:

  • Sustainability Workshops - We have presented over 55 free workshops to over 2,000 participants in our space and at local schools, businesses and non-profits, educating Londoners to reduce waste and live more sustainably
  • Greening Festivals and events - Reimagine Co consults with organizations and event planners to encourage and support them to compost and to reduce waste, and coordinates volunteers to help sort waste and raise awareness at festivals (including VegFest, Go Wild Grow Wild and Sunfest)
  • City of Neighbours Day is a People-Powered Festival: 50+ community activities all across London, all on one day, led by all kinds of people. Following successful 2017, 2018 and 2019 events, we hope to bring this back in 2022 - Covid permitting.
  • Preparing for its third edition in 2022, the Place Matters Conference explores how we can enhance our urban experiences and create a strong sense of place for all Londoners. We hope to inspire you to take action in your neighbourhood!
  • The Good Foods Project is a new initiative, in partnership with Sunfest and the Human Environments Analysis Laboratory, to provide an opportunity for small businesses to participate in a more affordable food delivery service which supports food equity programs in the local community
  • The London Thing Library a space where Londoners share and learn together. Just like a library is a place where you can borrow books, the Thing Library is a place where you can borrow things. Launching in Spring 2022, our vision is to reduce waste and facilitate skill-sharing among community members to build resilience and belonging.