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Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

Reimagine Co |

For those who are newer to our community, Plastic Free July is a month where folks are encouraged globally to reduce single-use plastic and avoid it completely for the entire month (and hopefully inspire you to cut it out forever!)

We will spend the next few weeks sharing tips and tricks on how to reduce plastic in your home and your life. Some tips for going into plastic free July:

 1- It’s okay to make mistakes! We are all learning and mistakes will happen. Note them and see how you can avoid it next time.

 2 - Find friends or a community to help hold you accountable and to encourage/inspire you! Encourage your family and friends to join you. Share your experiences together - your wins and your opportunities. You can also join our Facebook Community page to be connected to community members who are also on a zero waste and sustainability journey.

We know this summer looks a little different than last year! Avoiding plastic on the go might be a bigger challenge this year - it may not be safe for shops to accept reusable cups just yet, meaning more plastic cups will be sent out. Some friends may not feel comfortable sitting on a patio for drinks just yet but want to spend time with you! These are challenges we have personally been facing and have created a list of ways you can safely spend time with friends and be eco-friendly this summer!

Tips for how spend time with friends, enjoy your summer, and avoid single-use plastic all while maintaining social distancing:

- Opt for a friend’s backyard or porch so you can avoid plastic take-out cups.Do a contact-less drop off of ingredients + individual snacks to each person before they come. Have them bring their “gift bag” of treats to your porch or backyard. Hang up some lights. Put on some music. Create your own summer patio getaway! Spending time outdoors allows for people to spend time together while maintaining a safe distance

- You can also do the first option with an iced coffee in a jar + some baked goods! Have a morning coffee and a walk instead

- Go for bike rides with friends! Agree to meet up near a trail. Bike together and chat. Stop and sit in the grass and catch up before heading back. Feeling extra earth-loving? Each person brings a pair of gloves, hand sanitizer, and a bag - stop and do a small garbage pick up in the park or trail along the way. 

- When grocery shopping, buying in our own containers might be out right now, but you can still buy in the largest size possible and save some plastic. Also, try and use up what you have in your pantry already! Do an inventory of what you have, and try out some fun new recipes based on what you have on hand. Bonus eco-points for vegan meals! 

- Support local shops while on a walk! Many shops like Fro’Zen Scoops & Sweets have a take-out window where you can pick-up treats like vegan ice cream sandwiches while heading towards Ivey Park

We’ll be sharing more tips for Plastic Free July throughout the month so let us know what you want to see next!