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14 Ways to Support Our Co-funding Campaign That Aren't Donating

Heenal Rajani |

We fully understand that not everyone has spare money to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign, regardless of the perks on offer. Our model of co-funding is about a collaborative effort and there are so many other ways that you can be a part of this campaign and a part of Reimagine’s new space.

Here are a few ideas (if you can think of more, please let us know and we'll add them to this list!):

  1. Share the link with the #ReimagineGroceries hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social networks you’re active on and say why you’re supporting the Reimagine Groceries campaign
  2. Repost the video from our Instagram feed or share the video from our Facebook page
  3. Text the link to everyone in your phone contacts who you think would be interested
  4. Share the crowdfunding page link in any Facebook groups, subreddits or mailing lists that you’re a member of
  5. Invite friends to the Reimagine Groceries Crowdfunding Campaign Facebook event (pro tip: if you do this on a computer, you can invite up to 500 people with just a couple of clicks; it takes longer on a phone but is still doable)
  6. Join the Reimagine Community and/or Fundraising Team Facebook groups
  7. Comment on the Youtube video and share it
  8. Join our Instagram Live sessions to connect with the campaign and ask any questions you might have (watch our Instagram Stories for details of the next one!)
  9. Share the link or video with your boss or HR department and see if they will share it with staff or customers, or if they might be interested in becoming a corporate sponsor
  10. Make a 30-second selfie video about why you support Reimagine and send it to us so that we can use it as a testimonial
  11. Call or text your favourite radio show and tell them why you’re excited about a package-free grocery store for downtown London
  12. Write a letter or email to a news outlet or blog that you follow telling them about the crowdfunding campaign
  13. Chalk messages of support on sidewalks
  14. Create a song, poem or artwork and share it with us and the community :)