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ToGo Ware Utensil Kit Kids

For little hands and big hearts, this reusable utensil set is made with beautiful, durable and renewable bamboo. Perfect to take anywhere, anytime, for play dates, picnics, day trips, campouts or out to eat. Buh-bye plastic, hello bamboo! Recommended for ages 18 months+ BPA Free Phthalate-Free CPSC Tested & Approved Food-Safe Won't stain or absorb flavours Made from renewable materials Materials: Natural, responsibly sourced bamboo Size: 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 spoon Packaging: Cardboard Top
Go Green

Go Green Lunch Box

5 part lunch box for hungrier kids or adults! The silicone rings allow you to lock in each compartment so you can pack applesauce or yoghurt without worrying it will seep into other sections.  Materials: Polypropylene (plastic grade #5) + silicone O-rings to keep food fresh Size: 12” x 7 1⁄2” x 2 1⁄2.” Packaging: none
Go Green

Go Green Break Box

It has the convenience of the 5-compartment food box, with its multiple leak-proof compartments under a single lid – but, for those individuals who do not need the extra compartment for a water bottle – we introduce our latest addition to the Go Green Lunch Box lineup … the Break Box!!   Each of its four compartments has dimensions identical to those found on corresponding compartments of our patented Food Box. The Break Box’s overall dimensions are 9 1/4″(L) x 7 3/8″(W) x 2 5/8″(H).   Materials: Polypropylene (plastic grade #5) + silicone O-rings to keep food fresh   Size: 9 1/4″(L) x 7 3/8″(W) x 2 5/8″(H).   Packaging: None  
Go Green

Go Green Water Bottle

8 oz stainless steel water bottle with a plastic lid. Fits into the GoGreen Lunch Box and can be attached via D-Ring to your bag or belt loop. Materials: 100% stainless steel – grade 304. Size: 8 oz  Packaging: None
Go Green

GoGreen Lunchkit

If you are looking for a sturdy, long-lasting, leak-proof, multi-compartment lunch box, look no further! Please note: The lid is NOT dishwasher-safe. What’s included: Each Go Green Lunch Box set comes with an insulated fabric carrier, a five-compartment bento style food container, a stainless steel water bottle and an ice pack. Food-Safe Lunchbox: All Go Green Lunchbox products are BPA-,BPS- lead-, leach- and phthalate-free. The carrier is made of polyester fabric, and the gray inner lining is made of PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate). The food container is made of polypropylene (plastic grade #5) and uses silicone bands to keep food fresh. Leak-proof & truly multi-compartment: The Go Green Lunchbox is great for packing wet foods since each compartment is fully separated from another. Versatile: One of the compartments can be used for the stainless steel bottle that the set comes with. Great for picky eaters: Some kids are very particular about keeping different foods from touching each other. 100% Leak-proof: Turn 'n lock technology (there is a little lock on the top of the lunchbox) ensures your child's lunch stays fresh and doesn’t seep out of the lunchbox. Include a message: There is a unique erasable white board on the inside of each lunch box. Any dry-erase board pens can be used to send a note or a reminder for your child. Lid will not get lost: Lid and foodbox are kept together with little strings. Lunch Box Dimensions: W 33cm x H 22cm x D 7.5cm Cleaning Instructions: Food container's retention clips are easily unfastened. The box can be placed on dishwasher's top shelf."

Luumi platinum silicone lid...

100% pure platinum silicone stretch lid and straw. Great for mason jars, metal pint cups, or travel mugs. The straw plugs the two holes in the top and can be pulled out to drink. Easy to clean and fun to use. BPA, BPS, PVC, Phthalate and plastic-free, plastic is over if U want it 2B :)
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PATCH Adhesive Bandages

Patch is made from 100% natural and sustainable bamboo.  They are plastic, latex and toxin free as well as 100% compostable!  Choose from 4 options:  Natural - Simple bamboo fibre  Coconut Oil - Enriched with coconut oil and best for kids!  Aloe Vera - Enrished with aloe vera to help repair and soothe burns, blisters and minor abrasions Activated Charcoal - Enriched with activated charcoal to draw out impurities from minor wounds.  Great for sports enthusists! 
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Silicone Straw

These food grade silicone drinking straws make drinking your favourite smoothie even more fun! Available in 6 fun colours, they are a great choice for kids, or those of us who like biting our straws!! :)  The flexible design allows you to fold it up and store in your favourite cup while not in use.  Manufactured in: China Materials: Food Grade Silicone Size: 25 cms Packaging: None

Glass Baby Bottles

On Clearance Due to Damaged Packaging HEVEA Baby glass bottles are made from pure borosilicate glass, which is both heat and thermal shock resistant. The glass does not react with the content of the bottle, and no substances can get into the food. This means that after the bottle has been cleaned, the milk will not taste or smell of previous content. The bottles are 120 ml. / 4 oz. and comes with a pure natural rubber teat/nipple (size 3-24 months for milk & water), screw thread and a leak-proof dust cover. Information 100% pure borosilicate glass bottle Does not leach toxic chemicals Highly hygienic, due to the smooth and non-porous surface Taste and odour free, no substances can get into the food/ liquid Screw caps is white and produced from non-toxic and eco-friendly pp
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