Online Shopping FAQ

  • Dec 15, 2022
  • By Heenal Rajani


After December 17, 2022, Reimagine's storefront will be closed and we will operate an online-only model. See below for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can I use my own containers?

A - No, all orders will be packed using Reimagine’s deposit containers. You will be charged a deposit on your first order and then when you return the jars upon picking up your next order you will be issued a refund. 

** tip - if you have any Reimagine jars already at home, make sure to bring them when you pick up your first order for a refund off that first order!

Q - Where will I pick up from? 

A - For the next little while we will still be packing orders from our current location - 206 Piccadilly St. Our building is listed for sale and rent, and if the pickup location changes we will communicate that to everyone so there will be ample notice. 


Q - What products will I be able to buy online? 

A - All the products you see in-store will be available online. Currently, about 95% of the products are on the website, and once the storefront closes we will move as quickly as possible to add the remaining 5% onto the site. 


Q - Can you deliver?

A - We offer delivery within the urban London boundaries on all products that do not need to be chilled or frozen. If you want fridge or freezer items, they will need to be picked up. If online is successful, we will make the investment to get the necessary equipment for delivering 100% of our products. 


Q - Can I pay cash?

A - We are looking into adding a “cash upon pick up” option to the website soon.


Q - How long will you be offering online shopping? 

A - We aren’t sure! We need a minimum of 20 orders per day to make the numbers work. If we receive less than this then once our building sells Reimagine Groceries will close. If we hit our targets then we may move to a smaller building outside of downtown once the building sells. 


Q - Why did you switch to an online model? 

A - Offering our goods online only allows us to save considerable amounts of money and time each month, and knowing when customers will be coming to pick up their orders allows us to have more time with our family. Our kids have suffered with Kara in the store so much and this will allow her more time and space to help them through the challenges of life. 


Q - What can I do to help? 

A - Shop online, and tell your friends, too. We know many of you do this already and we so appreciate it. If you have a workplace or other group or organization that might benefit from buying soap or cleaning products in bulk, please get in touch.